Warranty Registration

Warranty Statement

To provide the best customer experience to all our valuable Aurabeat customers, Hygieia Innovations and Technology Inc.,  provides a one-year warranty for the products, please take note of  the following terms:

  1. Warranty Terms

The User agrees to the terms of the warranty stated in the User Manual. If any of the purchased Aurabeat products are found not up to the manufacturers’ standards within 7 days from the date of delivery/pick up of goods, please contact the reseller or distributor, or our Customer Service Centre at +639684328210 / +639061370609 within 7 days and provide the relevant serial number for Warranty Processing.

From the date of purchase, the warranty period is 1 year, during which maintenance service is free of charge (except for force majeure events or other external factors). Proof of purchase includes: Purchase receipt, Delivery receipt and billing statement are all acceptable documents. The warranty provides the right to repair and specifically not to a product’s exchange or return. The warranty only applies to products that are purchased from an authorized Reseller or Distributor.

The proof of purchase document and serial number must be presented when the service is requested. Customers are responsible for delivering the products to our company address for inspection, maintenance, and repair. The warranty does not apply to products that have already exceeded the warranty period of one year from purchase date.

If the product is purchased from an unauthorized dealer or distributor, Hygieia Innovations and Technology, Inc. will not provide any warranty services. All support and maintenance responsibilities should belong to that dealer or distributor whom they purchased their products from.

  1. Spare parts

Spare parts are provided free of charge during the warranty period and charged at market prices after the warranty period. The filter is not considered as a spare part. Warranty is not applicable to filters unless they are physically damaged upon delivery/receipt of product. Hygieia Innovations and Technology, Inc. formulates these policies to protect our valued customers, dealers, and distributors.